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Player development is the primary goal of our Youth Team Program. We prepare players physically, mentally, and emotionally to succeed at higher levels of baseball.


Diamond Club Baseball’s Youth Team Program provides athletes a competitive environment where they can master their skills, develop character, learn what it means to work for something they desire, and develop lasting relationships with teammates and coaches. 
Our program stresses the importance of hard work, quality repetitions, focused intensity, positive attitude and the responsibility each player has to his teammates, coaches, parents and most importantly, himself to be the very best he can be.
DC youth players will learn to compete and develop skill sets that will serve them both on and off the field.  Our coaches stress proper fundamentals, teamwork, discipline, respect and accountability.  We expect each of our players to Compete, show Courage, have great Character, stay Composed and be a Class act!


- We accept full or near-full rosters of current teams who wish to play for Diamond Club in 2025.  We will help teams fill out open roster spots through a tryout process.
 - To apply for team acceptance or to become a coach in our program, click the link below.
Professional Teaching + Correct Drill Processes + Proper Repetitions = Permanent Change, Long Term Success, and FUN 


Our ownership group, training staff, and coaches focus on the development of EACH player so that they can reach their full potential.

Current success does not mean long-term success. The longer you wait to develop a skill, the harder it gets.  Players can get away with poor mechanics at younger ages if they have a dominant physical tool to carry them such as superior size, speed, or arm strength.  Eventually though, other players catch up.  
Physical errors, like not taking the proper route to the ball, or mental errors, such as throwing to the wrong base, are masked by the ease of making up run differentials.  This does not happen at higher levels of baseball.
It is imperative that players learn how to do things the right way from an early age. At higher levels of the game, players need to be mechanically sound, possess a strong baseball IQ, put themselves in a position to make routine plays, and be mentally tough enough to deal with failure. 


We structure, organize, and develop our teams and players in much the same way that MLB organizations do.

  • The development of players is tracked by coaches and our training staff, all of which is overseen by the DC ownership group.
  • We focus on mechanical development; speed, flexibility, and strength training; and developing players with a high baseball IQ.
  • Players receive consistent feedback on skill development during practices and games.  We strive to make sure that players hear the same message from their coaches and the DC training staff.
  • Players receive access to the facility during open tunnel hours, access to training materials, video analysis, etc.
  • Coaches are provided a proprietary system to prepare players to be proficient as they move up the development ladder (see coaching section for more details).
  • Coaches submit written evaluations to the ownership group after each tournament.  This enables coaches, trainers, and players to communicate effectively in order to achieve team goals and individual goals.



TOURNAMENT ONLY - Each club plays 9-10 tournaments throughout the spring and summer season.  14U teams complete their season prior to June 1st.  Our tournament only schedule allows consistent practice days during the week and gives our families the flexibility to plan for other activities such as summer vacations.

UNDER ARMOUR UNIFORM PACKAGE - Player fees include two uniform tops, pants, and two caps.  Players also receive a training top and shorts for workouts.

UNDER ARMOUR APPAREL AND EQUIPMENT - DC Apparel from Under Armour such as sleeves, sweatshirts, practice attire, and footwear are available to players and families through our online retail store.  We also provide equipment discounts to our players via partnerships with companies such as Wilson, Louisville Slugger, and others. 

TRAINING - Players may attend DC Team Clinics throughout the winter months with our coaching staff.  In addition, players receive special rates for pitching and hitting training programs during the offseason.

THE FUTURES APP - Available exclusively to club organizations, the Futures App provides access to over 300 MLB drill videos, allows players to compare videos to the pros, track your repetitions, develop workout routines, and more.  Coaches can push drills and create practice plans that are delivered directly to players/parents mobile device.  The Futures App is on Official Licensed Product of the Major League Baseball Players Association.

PAID COACHING - Roaming instructors will aid team coaches in developing instructional goals, practice plans, and training during team practices both in the offseason and during the season.

INDOOR PRACTICE FACILITY - Teams have use of at least one 90 minute practice per week at Diamond Club Training Facility beginning in November and going through the end of their season.  In addition, teams may request additional time (space permitting) on weekends.  Players are automatically members of the club and have access to open cages when they are available for individual and group work.

10 WEEKS OF INDOOR TURF PRACTICE - In addition to weekly workouts indoors, teams will receive 10 weeks of indoor turf field access with scripted practices January-March.

10 WEEKS OF SPEED/AGILITY/STRENGTH TRAINING - These sessions with a certified performance coach will be conducted in back to back sessions with each team's assigned turf practice time. 


OUTDOOR PRACTICE FIELDS - Teams are allocated two outdoor practice nights per week beginning in March when fields are released by park and recreation districts.


HITTRAX - HitTrax is available for teams to use for secondary practices, team events, and leagues.  Participants in hitting lesson programs use HitTrax at various times throughout the offseason to track bat speed and capture swing clips for mechanical analysis.

DISCOUNTED CAMP RATES - Players are eligible for discounts on camps and clinics held throughout the year that are made available to the general public.  Each camp designates available spots specifically for our Diamond Club team members.


PARENTAL COUNSELING - Our staff is dedicated to making sure your player has every advantage possible and that you as a parent are informed every step of the way.  

Estimated Fees (8U-14): TBA

Monthly payment plans are available, as are fundraising options.


Diamond Club functions as a player development system made up of individual teams.  While a team is bound by a definitive year or season, a program spans years and relies on the continuous effort, support, and advocacy of coaches, parents, and players who have established a tradition.  We have coaches and families that have been with us for many years that care a great deal about what we do here for kids.

- Jeff Doland, Managing Partner

Coaches are vetted, empowered, and supported.  Their commitment to teaching skills and life lessons put players in a position to succeed on and off the field.

Our Team Director, Brad Mulvaney, handles administrative duties in regards, to payments, scheduling, tournament entry, uniform sizing, and more so that coaches can focus on developing their players.  Each team will also work with our paid 'roaming' instructors to develop player plans, track player progress, implement the fundamentals, and help run efficient practice sessions.
We want coaches who are patient, have empathy for how difficult this game can be, are great communicators, and understand that you have to ‘teach’ players the right way to do things from an early age.
Coaches attend periodic organizational and development meetings with the DC staff throughout the year.  They are provided tools to help them with practice plans, mechanical assessments, and guidelines that are age specific.  Our coaches understand that it is their job to prepare players for success at each stage of the development (age) ladder.  Using our Age Development Skill Chart, coaches know what their teams need to be proficient at based on their age.  This ensures continuity in the overall program and sets players up for success at the high school level and beyond.
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“To say that Diamond Club is a top-notch baseball club is an understatement!  Last year I made the move from another baseball organization over to Diamond Club to see what all of the hype was about.  I moved both myself as a coach and my son as a player.  As a coach I felt like I had a great grasp on how to coach youth baseball and develop young players.  Once I joined the TEAM of coaches, instructors, and owners, I realized the power behind working together like a major league farm system!  As for my son, we made the move to Diamond Club for a higher level of competition and instruction.  Diamond Club ensures the development of every player as they follow their progress from game to game.  Coaches are asked to fill out performance reports for every player every week, so instructors and coaches can ensure that players are getting the development they need!  This is truly a professional organization that takes care of its baseball family.”


Since 2011, Diamond Club has been the home of the Rockies Scout Team, the premier development and showcase program for high school players in the region.

The Colorado Rockies and Diamond Club Baseball team up each fall to provide deserving area high school players with the opportunity to develop and showcase their skills in front of college coaches and professional scouts.  Over the years this nationally recognized program has grown from one club featuring juniors and seniors to four teams made up of freshmen-seniors.


The Scout Teams are managed and coached by members of the Colorado Rockies scouting staff/Diamond Club Baseball.  While the teams are made up of players throughout the state of Colorado, Diamond Club has had many alums of our youth program participate.


Since the inception of the program, numerous players have attended some of the best college programs in the country and many have been selected in the MLB draft.  100% of the seniors who have wanted to play college baseball have been afforded that opportunity.


Luke Leisenring - DC Youth and Scout Team Alum

Notable Draft Picks and Free Agents:
David Peterson - 1st Rd. - New York Mets
Justin Boyd - 2nd Rd. - Cincinnatti Reds
Max George - 5th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Devlin Granberg - 6th Rd. - Boston Red Sox
Lucas Gilbreath - 8th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Blake Weiman - 8th Rd. - Pittsburgh Pirates
Jake Greenwalt - 26th Rd. - San Francisco Giants
Caleb Henderson - 29th Rd. - Chicago White Sox
Cuba Bess - 39th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Case Williams - 4th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Luke Leisenring - FA - Colorado Rockies
Matt Schmidt - FA - Kansas City Royals
Blake Goldsberry - FA - Colorado Rockies
Wyatt Featherston - 34th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
James Notary - 35th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Quinn Cotton - 38th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Cuba Bess - 39th Rd. - Colorado Rockies
Skyler Messinger - 19th Rd. - Colorado Rockies


“It is our fourth year with the club and we are proud to be a part of the Diamond Club family!  The owners know baseball and our players can’t get enough of the summer camps, offseason training programs, Hit-Trax technology and of course, spring tournaments.  It has been great to see the development of our children both in baseball skills and overall life skills. Thanks to the coaches and ownership, Go DC!“
- The Rivet Family
“My sons(12U and 14U) have played at Diamond Club for over two years and now have more positive consistency both offensively and defensively.  Having played at the collegiate level, I know proper fundamentals are essential.  This is a focus at DC and the reason we choose them over other organizations”
- John Garofalo
"Ever since I could hold a baseball, I have loved the game.  I started playing baseball when I was very young and though I had great passion and love for the game, I did not have the coaching I needed to have in order to build a solid foundation.  It was coach after coach telling me opposite things, causing me to both doubt my coaches and my ability to play the game all together.  This lack of confidence made me a mediocre baseball player.  When I was 12 I joined the Diamond Club family and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.  The coaches all repeated the same techniques and styles and made sure I understood them before moving on to other aspects of the game.  I began to play to the level that I knew I was capable of and by the time I was ready for high school, I knew the DC coaching staff had prepared me adequately.  Through their constant support and coaching, I made All State my senior year of high school.  They not only helped me at that level, they also cared about me going into the next level.  With their support I received a baseball scholarship to Midland University in Omaha, NE. Because of the Diamond Club family, I have reached my goals as an athlete, while pushing me to be an even better young man off the field."
- Noah Brown
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