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With The Futures App, Diamond Club players, coaches, and parents have access to training and tips from professional players who are passionate about providing access to quality lessons, specialized workouts, coaching tools and other resources.


  • Access to 300+ Drill Videos

  • Compare your videos with Pros

  • Track progress using the Rep Counter

  • Add drills to your routine to build a personal training regimen

  • Watch the routines of the best baseball players in the world

  • Watch interviews covering the mental approach - learn how professional players deal with failure and overcome obstacles





Organize and track all of your coaching in one place.  Enhance and reinforce training utilizing a library of videos and drills.


  • Push workouts and drills to your team

  • Organize practices

  • Coaching inbox

  • Review and analyze athletes' video

  • Intuitive design

  • Hold players accountable by keeping track of completed plans and reps

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