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Diamond Club offers Offseason Hitting, Pitching, and Catching programs for athletes who are dedicated to taking their game to the next level. These programs are by invitation only and are designed to enhance the physical skill level and mental approach of players, as well as prepare them for success at the high school and/or collegiate level.  Last year combined, over 240 players ages 9-18 participated in one or more programs.
Players will be assigned by age and ability level in groups of three for hitting and groups of four for pitching.  The duration of each program is five months.  Players will participate in weekly one-hour sessions beginning in late October or early November.  All players must be committed to the entire program.
Diamond Club uses motion analysis technology and standard video analysis to enhance the development of our students.  Technology, combined with the right drill processes and hard work will make your off-season a very productive one.
The cost of each program (hitting or pitching or catching) is $170.00 per month.  

If you would like to be considered for these programs, please click the button below.
If you are interested in both programs, we will make every attempt to schedule you on the same night for both skills.
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